A Personal Evaluation Of Myself Essay

836 Words Jun 10th, 2015 4 Pages
This class has given me a lot of incite as to how society perceives me, and in turn this has allowed me to take a personal evaluation of myself. After becoming aware of the prejudice that was intentionally targeted at myself and my peers of minority, I have changed the way I see myself in term of how I have defied the statistics and the laws that were implemented to prevent me from pursuing a higher education. I became involved in sports and heavily invested into my education. Yet I still feel that I have to be careful in every situation that I present myself in because of the way society is set up, making the mistakes of people of color critical to their chances and opportunities for success. I knew that racism and prejudice existed but I was not aware that it had exceeded my expectations for how devoted it had become to ensuring that Latinos and Black people were put behind bars as soon as possible for as long a sentence as possible over the smallest transgressions of crime. No matter how small the crime the teen alleged culprits were then followed by probation officers and school site security to ensure that they do not endanger anyone on the premise. “Non-violent youth offenders, the majority of deviant youth, are criminalized and managed as if they were serious criminal risks.” I feel that now that I have been exposed to the realization behind the mass incarceration rates that aren’t going to improve overnight I have to make an effort to contribute to at least prevent…

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