A Personal Code Of Ethics Essay

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A Personal Code of Ethics

“The Medium is the Message”
Marshall McLuhan, professor, philosopher, and the grandfather of media theory, once uttered the now famous phrase, “The medium is the message.” This of course is in reference to how the medium in which a creator disperses content is considered just as important as the created content itself. During the first televised debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, the public’s reaction alternated wildly depending on whether they watched on television, the Yellow journalism wouldn’t have thrived as it did without printed journalism, and Orson Welles production of the War of the Worlds would not have been as spectacular as it was if her hadn’t used the medium of the radio.
But these days, with the advent of the internet, social media, digitized news sources, and apps that aggregate, customize, and prioritize information, the public in inundated with more data, information, and ideas than ever before. The internet has swallowed up past mediums into a mass collection of key words individuals can search at will. Most importantly, it’s given the public, the everyday laymen, the ability to become members of the media community themselves, joining the ranks of such elevated members as Walter Cronkite and Anderson Cooper.
But this ability is as terrifying as it is exciting, or at least it should be. While there are plenty of individuals out there with upstanding morals and the ability to present pressing information…

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