A Person 's Civil Rights Guarantee Essays

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A person’s civil rights guarantee, by the government, the right to be free from unequal treatment based on certain protected characteristics (race, gender, disability) in settings such as employment and housing. An example of a civil right is that of U.S citizens who qualify having the right to vote and do so and that might be enforceable by the government intervention. In contrast, civil liberties are limitations on government power designed to` protect our fundamental freedoms. Civil liberties are basic rights and freedoms that are guaranteed either by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, or interpreted by lawmakers or courts through the years. Civil liberties are typically seen as being limitations on government power, intended to protect freedoms that governments may not legally intrude on. Law prohibits the government prohibited from interfering in our choice of religion and worship giving us “liberty” from the government action or restraint. Although different, both of them are protected by the constitution. According to the fourteenth amendment, ratified in 1868, states that “No State Shall… deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” In addition, between the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, neither federal government nor state governments may treat people unequally unless unequal treatment is necessary to maintain government interest. The Fourteenth Amendment was also designed to ensure that the states would respect for civil…

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