Essay A Person 's Behavior And Experience

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A person’s behavior and experience can be altered during riding because communication is essential during a riding session. Ratliffe and Sanekane wrote that people have been benefiting from therapeutic riding as far back as the second century. Another benefit of therapeutic riding is that it influences multiple systems including sensorimotor (balance, touch, awareness of body position, eye and body movements), cognition, respiration, speech production, and behavioral, and social and psychological domains. Postural constol and strength are improved in a childs daily functional activities too because riding creates a displacement of the rider’s center of gravity, this also increases the riders motor skills. Riding gives kids with autism greater confidence, self-esteem, and their social skills increase. “10/11 kids with autism spectrum disorder received positive changes in their life from therapeutic riding. Some found it not affective in activites of daily living or psychological outcomes,” (Ratliffe and Sanekane 5). The studies have shown majority positive outcomes of therapeutic riding which shows how beneficial it is.
Horseback riding is helping children with autistic spectrum disorder. Cox says on pages 1 and 2, “Kids with autism are thriving because of therapeutic riding.” Therapeutic riding helps to improve the child’s co-ordination and confidence, things children with autism are lacking. Therapeutic riding helped Alec, a little boy with autism, overcome serious injuries…

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