A Person I Love Essay

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Childress – Eng – 202 – Hayley Sogren, Instructor
A Person I Love
My oldest sister “Patty” is truly someone that I love. Her devotion and commitment to life is why I love her and I am proud to be her brother. Patty is the oldest out of four siblings. There is a twelve year age difference between us. She practically raised me as our parents both worked to support us. She is one person in my life that I respect and love dearly.
We have always seemed to be able to relate to each other, even with the age difference. However, she didn’t hesitate to disciple me if I got out of line. I grew up respecting her and have always shown her my love. The age difference really didn’t matter as we grew older. As we grew up we still talked and chatted practically every day. Now when we spend time together with our families, and go out to dinner, my wife and I call this Patty time.
There was a time in our lives that we seem to not correspond as frequently. She married a military man, and at a young age moved to Japan. However, we were still able to stay in touch through an occasional phone and letters in her military days of her moving around.
Once she moved back home here in Jacksonville, FL, she had two kids. This is where her life became hard for her. She divorced, and had to raise two kids on her own. Being a single parent and on one income is not easy for anyone. However, she seemed determined to make it. More importantly, her focus and love for her kids was something really special. It…

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