Essay on A Perfect Day For Bananafish

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Many soldiers coming home from battle during WW2 times would have mental issues. These mental issues are part of PTSD which many war veterans were diagnosed with in current times but in WW2 times it was not known. J.D Salinger wrote many different short stories some controversial with deep meanings. In “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” the main character Seymour suffers from “PTSD” but nobody helps him with this issue. Everyone around him continues to ignore the fact that he has these issues. Throughout the story each of the different characters see Seymour in a different way. Seymour finally has enough of everyone seeing him as different from everyone else and ends up committing suicide. Nobody knows why Seymour committed suicide because the author left it for the readers to figure out for themselves. The author sets the story in post WW2 times in order to add to the main characters many mental issues.
Part of Seymour’s mental issues and possible reason for killing himself is the people around him and how they act towards him. Throughout the story many of the characters acted a certain way towards him. Many of them knew he had the problem, except for Seymour’s wife Murial. While having a conversation with her mother on the phone Murial explains how Seymour, “…..drove very nicely” (Salinger). Murial’s mother did not want Seymour driving but Murial trusted him. Murial’s mother keeps questioning why she is still with him (Martin). Her mother knows that after the war Seymour has…

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