Essay A Peer Review Theory Analysis

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The nursing profession is considered to be one of the fastest growing professions according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). According to the BLS, the nursing profession is expected to add 580,000 new jobs for registered nurses by 2018 (2013). With this, the continued development of the profession will be beneficial. Nurses are expected to well rounded, smart in making crucial decision, and physically fit to work on our feet for almost the whole 12 hours shifts. There is one thing missing in this equation, and that is emotional fortitude. Each individual comes from different walk in life; different emotional stressors will put a strain on patient-nurse relationship. Zohre Parsa Yekta and Mahbobeh Abdolrahimi took upon themselves to perform a peer-review theory analysis “Theory analysis of Emotional Intelligence”. Surveying different studies that have a relationship with Emotional Intelligence. They found 43 articles that is associated with the topic and established similarities between the theory which bare fruit to the article that centered on the importance of studying Emotional Intelligence. The study utilized the Theory Analysis technique that was developed by Walker and Avant. This technique is composed of seven steps: determining the origins, examine the meaning, analyze the logical adequacy, determine the usefulness, determine generalizability, determine parsimonious, and determine testability (McEwen & Wills, 2014). The article by Yekta and…

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