A Peer Review Group Setting Essay

1067 Words May 6th, 2016 5 Pages
When I first met Eya in basic writing class in a peer review group setting, I was somewhat intimidated. She was beautiful and tall, with long, curly hair and olive skin. She had great posture and kept a straight face; even when introducing herself, she didn’t smile. She had an air of confidence, almost coming across as arrogant. I was hesitant to interact with her, because she seemed to me the most unfriendly of all the students in the group. I am very sensitive to whether or not others like me, whether they are my students, peers, or superiors. If I sense that someone does not like me, I tend to shy away from interacting with that person.
I introduced myself in the peer review group with only my first name and did not mention anything about my skills or background. In doing so, I was trying to establish peerness with the students. Because I was participating in peer review with the students in the class, I wanted to fit in with them. Also, since I did not have the authority of teacher in this setting, and I wasn’t familiar with the material she was teaching, I felt like I could relate more to the students than to the teacher of the class. If I have the title and authority of teacher bestowed on me, I pretty easily assume that role. But if I have not been given that authority, I hesitate to put myself in a higher position. I prefer to just be like everyone else. However, in seeing myself as Eya’s equal, I was intimidated by her, because she portrayed more…

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