A Patriarchal Society That Encourages And Enforces Heteronormative Demeanors

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In a systematically patriarchal society that encourages and enforces heteronormative demeanors, we are influenced to accept the notions that our sexual interactions are confined to not only the polarity of male and female genders but additionally to the underlying prescriptions of heteronormativity. Due to the queerphobic overtones within society it becomes essential for queer individuals to assume the standard gender roles within a civilization that produces fear and angst through its punishments of both macro and micro aggressions. However conforming to adhere to social constructions isn’t isolated to just the queer community, for heterosexual individuals must obey society’s mandates out of fear of the negative consequences associated with nonconformity. Both heterosexual and queer communities are predisposed to the conventional male and female behaviors; the premise that an individual’s gender and attitude are predetermined by their genitals. Essentially, the only factor to one’s identity is their sexual organs.
Western culture often utilizes the terms “gender” and “sex” interchangeably and thus inaccurately. It’s customary, that after a child is born, they are immediately assigned a gender that will determine their social identities for life in relation to what’s in between their legs. Biological sex refers to the physical internal and external reproductive structures of an individual, while gender consists of the interrelationship between a person’s behaviors and traits…

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