A Patient Navigator 's First Patient Navigation Program Essay

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A patient navigator can be an asset to a health care clinic. Their job focusses on providing the ins and outs of the health care setting. They apply knowledge that helps patients to navigate the healthcare system and receive the timely care they require. When patient navigators started being utilized in clinics and hospitals, they were solely used for cancer care. Now that is has been shown that patient navigators are a vital part of the healthcare team, they are being used to help patients with other chronic diseases. The nation 's first patient navigation program was initiated by Dr. Harold Freeman in 1990 at a public hospital in Harlem, New York and it directed education and screening for breast cancer. Patient navigators can include nurses with clinical skills, or lay people and volunteers who help patients overcome obstacles to care. Many patients who live in medically underserved cities or large minority communities are at risk because of financial, communication, health care system and cultural barriers to care (http://cebp.aacrjournals.org, 2016).
Most hospitals offer patient navigator services at no charge to the patient. The healthcare facilities do not typically receive any insurance reimbursement for the services that are provided but will sometimes be able to cover the cost through a grant or research funding. More patients are learning that they can hire a navigator to help them with their medical problems, to help them get over the many hurdles that are in the…

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