Essay on A Patient Arrives At The Er And Is Declared Brain Dead

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A patient arrives at the ER and is declared brain dead. The family is notified and the possibility of posthumous organ donation is discussed. The family allows the appropriate medical team to determine whether the deceased would be a viable candidate for donation. The family is still able to have an open-casket funeral. Through donation, the deceased patient has saved several lives. Unfortunately, many people in the United States and all over the world are in need of organ transplants. As there are not enough committed potential donors, the general public needs to understand the need for donations and the practical and beneficial solutions to this problem. Organ transplantations can save lives. It is an accepted medical treatment for end stage organ failure. Transplants work 90 percent of the time and 96 percent of people who have gotten a kidney transplant survive at least a year after surgery (Lehmann). Transplants require organ donors to donate organs. More than 120 million people in the United States are signed up to be an organ donor (Need is Real). Around 24 percent of Americans are donors. The number of people waiting for a transplant is still a lot larger than the number of available organs. The waiting list has more than tripled over the past 14 years while the number of donors has remained the same (Lehmann). A candidate, or patient who has been placed on the national waiting list for solid organ transplantation, is added to the…

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