Essay about A Past And Present Look At Cuban Protestant Theology

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Globalization of Christianity in the South has been a prime focus and intrigue for the past couple of decades, more so now than before. Concerns regarding the preservation of Christianity rises as Christian influence of the public sphere in the Europe and North America dwindle while the spread of Islam rises. However, there is still hope for the Christian Religion, specifically the Protestant churches as Christianity spreads fervently in continents such as Africa, Asia and South America. However, how do various external and internal factors affect this wide-spread Christian Globalization in the South. Is the church limited by the governmental institutions that are in place, which may lead to the decline of Christianization? All these are answered in the Princeton Theological Seminary;s annual Herencia Conference for the past nine years. The term Herencia derived from Spanish is often defined as inheritance or heritage therefore the conference focuses on the Spanish heritage. This year, the conference’s theme “A Past and Present Look at Cuban Protestant Theology”. The focal point of the afternoon lecture is on Sergio Arce Martinez’s notable regarding the relationship of Cuba, specifically on his works that responded to the Revolution. According to Professor Rivera-Pagan, Sergio Martinez is the “Most prolific Cuban theologian, who wrote several books and hundreds of articles.” Dr. Martinez began his theological study in the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico and attended…

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