A Passage At The Beginning Of Scene IIi Act IIi Essay

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Considering three separate elements this essay analyses a passage at the beginning of Scene III Act III in which the four main characters are present. Firstly examining why this section is important to the play as a whole this essay will then consider the pivotal role this passage plays in moving the drama along. Next this essay will explore the way in which Shakespeare uses distinctive features of language. Looking at how word choice and dramatic irony are used to convey particular meanings this essay will also consider the way in which sound patterns and register are used in the passage to contribute to the creation of the characters. Finally this essay will look at two sections of the passage, Cassio’s departure from the stage and the way in which Desdemona is presented, and how these can be translated into performance.
The importance of the passage stems from the scene being the natural turning point of the play and the first instance in which Iago begins to infiltrate Othello’s thoughts. Often referred to as the ‘temptation scene’ it begins with Desdemona, Cassio and Emilia talking. Cassio asks Desdemona to speak to her husband regarding him being demoted, neither knowing the consequences this will bring. As Othello and Iago approach Cassio takes this as his cue to leave and it is from this point that the play spirals downward towards its tragic ending. The passage features Iago’s first signs of manipulating Othello that begins the set up for what is to come. As Cassio…

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