Essay A Parent 's Mistake : Kelly Clarkson

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A Parent’s Mistake: Kelly Clarkson “Because of You” Every child deserves to grow up with the commitment of two loving parents. The despairing truth reveals that not every child is blessed with the guidance of respectful guardians. Kelly Clarkson acknowledges the hardship of not having a stable family life as a younger girl and the continuing effects that follow her into her own family life. In the video “Because of You”, Kelly presents the allegation that a parent’s attitude towards their significant other and child has a lasting negativity, along with limited positivity, that will affect the child’s future relationships and mindset. Kelly presents the struggles and hardships she has faced throughout her life because of the neglect from her father she received as a child. The video acts as the anchor to tie together the story she intends to tell. Without the video interpretation, the lyrics do not make a clear translation as to who Kelly refers to. The music video and lyrics work together to provide clarity to the audience. In the beginning of the video. Kelly and her husband are seen having a bitter argument (Kelly Clarkson, “Because of You”). Kelly begins to go towards the door as if she attempts to leave until her husband grabs a family photo which reveals that she has a daughter (Kelly Clarkson, “Because of You”). Kelly gets a glimpse at the photo and it sends her back into a flash back of her own childhood (Kelly Clarkson, “Because of You”). Kelly looks into the…

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