A Paradigm Shift By Mark Noll Essay examples

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This book is a paradigm shift in which Mark Noll describes how he came to believe that Christianity is no longer a Western phenomenon. He wrote a “personal narrative to describe the process by which [he] came to share their belief that full attention to the non-Western world had become essential for any responsible grasp of the history of Christianity” (xi). Noll is a historian who currently works at Notre Dame University in Indiana, and has spent his life wresting with the tough questions of how Christianity has shifted from the west to one that is growing in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Through teaching students, he records in amazing detail the incredible breakthroughs he and his students discovered over a lifetime of research into how God is working in every tribe and nation on earth.
One way that Noll supports his own thesis is his reflection on traditional hymns. When the gospel was first brought to the Africans, the Europeans unfortunately brought their culture intertwined in the gospel. The result has been far reaching; some preachers in Africa still feel the need to wear suits to preach because of the European hijacking of traditional African culture. Noll correctly asserts that while musical styles, instruments, and lyrics will change, the “dogmas of the enduring hymns [are] universal” (57). People do not need to adhere to a certain worship style to praise Jesus, and people should have the liberty to worship God in a way that is culturally fitting.…

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