A & P, By John Updike Essay

722 Words Jun 14th, 2015 3 Pages
The meaning of life is a mystery many people try to figure out. Each individual will have a different perspective on how life should be lived. The meanings individuals construct is primarily based on what the individual needs in his or her own life. What each person needs to fulfill in his or her life will differ. This concept is shown in the story A & P , by John Updike. The main character, Sammy, works in a supermarket in a small town. He has a unique opinion about life and the people in his town. Sammy is unhappy and has a negative attitude, but when three young lady 's walk in the store , in bikinis, his attitude changes. Then in the end Sammy quits the store after the store keeper scolded at the girls for dressing inappropriate at the store. The story connects to the meaning of life and individual needs by representing the store as Sammy 's ideal on how a person should live life. Since the store represents Sammy 's opinion on life, when he quits he steps into his individuality. Stokesie, Lengel, and the customers is a symbol of a negative way to live a life. Stokesie is married at the age of twenty-two and has two babies. He doesn 't have anything else to look forward to except become a manger of his job. Stokesie excitement is gone, in Sammy 's eyes, because Stokesie has his life is set. He has responsibilities that hinder him from doing much. Lengel is the manger of the store. He is like the ring leader of ordinary living. He is A & P manager and a Sunday school…

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