A Nursing Home Essay

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Placing a loved one in a nursing home may be the most difficult and heartbreaking decision one will have to make. The reasons for admitting someone into a nursing home is usually because they cannot provide care for themselves, their caregiver is no longer capable, or they require full-time medical attention. Peace is typically found when one realizes it is the best option for the individual and there will be a quality health care team to support and comfort them.
Susan was admitting into a long-term care centre because she could no longer wash or feed herself, and would consistently get lost and forget things. She was sad to be admitted because she felt like it was the end of the line for her. After a few weeks, she was diagnosed with dementia and depression, and her mobility decreased. One night she felt very sad and agitated, but due to her cognitive deterioration, she did not know how to express herself. She then began to yell and continuously ring her call bell. The nurse working the night shift had a total of twelve residents to monitor and she became overwhelmed. She saw on the resident’s care plan that she had an antipsychotic ordered “as needed”. The nurse told Susan she had a candy for her and gave her the highest dose of medication in order to sedate her. Chemical restraints are a form of medical restraint in which a drug is used to restrict the freedom and movement in a patient (Paul & Paul, 2016). Healthcare consists of many ethical controversies and debates;…

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