Essay on A Nurse Is Not The Right Profession For Me

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In the beginning, I never wanted to be a nurse. I viewed the nurse profession as something that is boring, simple and has no challenge at all. I thought that being a nurse is not the right profession for me. I have always wanted to work in the medical field, but nursing is one of the exceptions. However, this thought of mine started to change during my internship at Redlands Community Hospital, Summer 2013.
During my internship, I was assigned to the Emergency Department where I shadowed and assisted the nurses and emergency technicians. The internship experience and opportunity that I had that summer has opened my eyes about nursing and gave me a different perspective. Me, who first though that being a nurse is boring has realized that profession was different inside and outside. Being able to work in the Emergency Department had made me realize that, nursing can be the opposite of boring. It can be really active, busy and entertaining in a different level. I also realized that nursing is also not just a simple job who has to take care of their patient physically (outer appearance) but it also required them to take care of their patience emotionally and mentally (inner appearance).
Nursing required a lot of patience, responsibility, and care which I would love to learn and share it to others who are in need. The internship that I had a few years ago was an amazing experience that I was so thankful to God and my high school for giving me such an awesome opportunity that I…

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