Essay on A Nurse Educator And Sliding Into The Role Of Counselor

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How far is to far? This article is about the slim line between being a nurse educator and sliding into the role of a counselor in the clinical setting. Nurse educators are at the clinical site to teach and promote learning. In the article the author says, “ the subtle shift to the role of counselor can and does occur when a student discloses personal details regarding emotional reactions or distress around a particular situation with a patient or family members.” These situations lead to a line that is grey and hard for the nurse educators to navigate. In this article the author points out a couple situations where this line occurs and how nurse educators can potentially navigate the situation.
One of the first situations the author brings up is an example of a student at a mental health rotation. The Student has a hard time assessing a patient for suicide ideation and avoids engaging with the patients. The clinical instructor goes up to her to talk to he about not doing these things, she then states that this rotation hit close to home she is currently taking antidepressants and her cousin committed suicide recently. The instructor gives her some pointers and tells her to take care of herself as well, the student text the teacher 5 times that night about giving her that advice and then also friend request the teacher on facebook. The author asks important questions “as the clinical educator, you wonder how you should respond or, especially, how you should not respond.” In…

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