A Numerical Investigation On Convection Heat Transfer Over Rotating Cylinder

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A NUMERICAL INVESTIGATION ON CONVECTION HEAT TRANSFER OVER ROTATING CYLINDER Ashok Kumar1 ,Sheetal dewangan2 ,Ganpat lal rakesh3,chunnu lal dewangan4
1,2,3Asst. Professor, Mechanical Department, CCET, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India,
1ashoknitt14@gmail.com, Contact No.: 7049883097
2sdewangan1982@gmail.com, Contact No.: 7415539767
3ganpat123@gmail.com, Contact No.: 9516368918
4chunnu.dewangan@gmail.com, Contact No.: 8871667783

This numerical investigation devoted to convective heat transfer occurs on rotating circular cylinder in transient laminar flow regimes. The finite volume method technique with implicit pressure based model used and Navier-Stroke equation as governing equation. The numerical investigation predict the effect of spin rate (0 ≤ a ≤ 2.5) of circular cylinder and Prandtl number (0.7 ≤ Pr ≤ 500) of flowing fluid at Reynolds number 100. The cylinder wall consider as isothermic wall with uniform spin rate. The increasing Prandtl number increases average nusselt number with also reduce the thermal boundary layer thickness and increasing of spin rate decreases the average nusselt number. The high pining of cylinder lowering the average Nusselt number and dcreases heat transfer rate from rotating cylinder.
Index Terms: convection, spinning, Prandtl number, Nusselt number, rotating cylinder

Numerical investigation of two dimensional incompressible fluid flows over rotating circular cylinder is a greatest area of interest for researcher.…

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