Essay on A Notorious Documentary Directed By Gabriela Cowperthwaite

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Captured Entertainment

In a notorious documentary directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, stories of remarkable yet highly viscous orca whales are recognized. In this film, Blackfish, former SeaWorld trainers and employees are interviewed in order to discover and expose the truth about the astounding conditions and treatment of these well cherished killer whales. While held in captivity, the orca whales exemplify horrific and shocking behavior, that would not otherwise exist in the wild. Blackfish thoroughly illustrates why holding these beloved and majestic animals in captivity is not only detrimental to the whales themselves but also to the people around them. While using high emotional appeals, sound and music effects, and slick editing, this documentary is able to convey it 's argument and capture the viewers heart.

In order to continuously tug at the viewers heartstrings, the documentary uses voice overs, interviews, and actual footage from catastrophic events in order to gain their sympathy. Right away at the beginning of the film, a police call from the Orange County Sheriff 's Office is received by a man at SeaWorld requesting response to a dead person at the park, as he states, "A whale has eaten one the trainers." Left shocked and horrified by the conversation, the audience is naturally intrigued and pressured to know more. Throughout the film there are

multiple images and videos of actual footage displayed in order to illustrate the hostile environment and…

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