A Note On The Door Knob Essay

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I come to a sharp stop and I look up. “Quinn!” I shout. He looks up; his bright eyes look like hollow shells. A warehouse stands hidden between lifeless trees. Windows are broken beyond repair, paint is peeling, and ivory is towering up the sides. My eyes follow the ivory to the top of the building. I edge toward the abandoned warehouse. “Katherine!” Quinn says in a precautioned whisper, “Are you insane?” It was strange hearing him call me by my full name. Usually it was ‘Kate’ or ‘Katie.’ “A little” I reply, too desperate, too hungry and I continue slowly toward the building. We approach a door. It ascends above our heads and as I look up, I feel as if I am a young girl again, being told off by a teacher or my parents. I reach for the doorknob and hesitate. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. We hold our breath. No answer. I reach for the door knob again, this time I open the door. It begins to creep open. Quinn and I exchange looks and we head inside, barely making a sound. After we reluctantly take about 10 steps into the mansion or whatever it was, we come across a chasm. I take a deep breath and consider it, it is completely dark and I hardly know where to step. The bottom of the hole is even darker and it is almost certain if I fall, I will fall to my death. I take a step towards it. “Katie, no please” Quinn chokes. I stand there, staring at a long, flimsy piece of wood; the only…

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