A Note On School And Personal Stuff Essay

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Hi. Sorry for the lack of updates - school and personal stuff have been in the way of writing and just any normal human functions.

This isn’t the porny continuation of “red,”. Sorry about it, but my brain isn’t in the state to write smut. A part two will be out in the future!

This chapter is mostly just a bunch of prompts I found on a tumblr blog and I really liked them.

Reading at a cafe wasn’t something that was usual for Will. Recently he had been feeling like he was stuck in a rut so obviously that meant he had to be a typical college student or generally pretentious person, and go to Starbucks for some coffee and book reading.

Relaxing: something he thought he would never be able to do with all the college work he had this year. Rare occurrences like this truly made Will stop and enjoy life as it was presented to him.

“Rob! Rob, I have a joke for you. Ryan Ross doing a collab with Panic!”

Raspy laughter; Will slapped his hand to his mouth, he hadn’t meant to laugh at that joke.

Rapturous eyes gazed at him with a tinge of annoyance. Red hues covered Will’s cheeks at being caught eavesdropping - at least accidental eavesdropping.

“Really happy someone laughed at my jokes.” Reverberating laughter came from the man; he slipped his phone into his pocket having ended the conversation with “Rob.”

“Right, I’m sorry for hearing your joke. Rather loud of an execution but it…

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