A Note On Motivation And Commitment Essay

1038 Words Jun 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
A puzzle consists of pieces. Piecing them together takes motivation and commitment. A puzzle is similar to one’s life. Instead of pieces one’s life consists of choices. They are what make up the entirety of our life. Such as what to wear in the morning, when to do one’s homework, and how one treats others? But are these really our choices or are they influenced by outside factors? Each choice that we make on a day to day basis is influenced. There is not one choice that is one hundred percent the individual’s choice. Even though these decisions are menial they are imperative to one’s existence. It is these choices that determine the person that we will become and that add to our identity. These choices are a vital part of who we are. The choices that individuals make are influenced, they control themselves, and they have possessed their identity since the beginning of time.
We are influenced in all of our choices; we will have either a positive or negative consequence for all of our choices. In the novel Night, the Jews had the choice whether or not to obey the Nazi’s orders. Their choices were limited, but it determined their consequence. If the Jews did not obey the Nazi’s orders they would be killed, whereas if they did obey they would be spared. Consequently, all of one’s choices are influenced by outside factors. There is not one choice that we make that is not influenced. Therefore the Jews decision to obey the Nazi’s orders was influenced by fear. Another example…

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