A Note On All Noble And Worthy Ladies By Margaret Cavendish Essay

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In a prefaced note ‘To all Noble and Worthy Ladies’ Margaret Cavendish outlines the structure of The Blazing World by declaring “The First Part is Romancical; the Second, Philosophical; and the Third is meerly Fancy”. Through the agency of misdirection, Cavendish disregards two important ideologies which epitomise any reading of the Blazing World. These two unspoken dominant discourses are; the concept of seeking a utopia through feminism and a utopia through the ambition of personal conquest. Throughout The Blazing World, Cavendish responds to the fundamental social problems within patriarchal society through her the introduction of feminism. Cavendish also depicts her ambition of personal conquest through conveying her religious, scientific and philosophical methods throughout The Blazing World. Furthermore, by examining these two disciplines, it is evident that Cavendish’s utopian impulse seeks to solve the fundamental social problems through the influence of conquest and feminism.

The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of both sexes being equal outlines the feminist movement. This includes seeking to solve the fundamental social problems within society, such the treatment of women through misogyny and patriarchy. To fully measure the extent to which Cavendish seeks to fulfil her utopian impulse, the recurring motif and hidden metaphorical representations of feminism must be taken into consideration. The Blazing World’s introduction is laced with a…

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