A Note On A Handshake And This Deal Essay

1224 Words Apr 4th, 2016 null Page
A handshake and this deal would be done. Simple; that’s all that it took. Miranda Wrba knew he had that deal with the outstretch of the hand. Business was done. Wrba had made another perfect business deal. A step out that door and money was to be made. “Easy work,” Bernat Toset murmured as he spun the cylindrical cartridge into place. Hopefully today didn’t get messy, yet it was a small chance he’d take in the name of money. Toset had placed another well contemplated trap. Miranda Wrba gave a quick life reflection, something he had become much more apt to do post business deal. “Just a poor Slavic boy. Now, I am important,” he thought. At 41, Wrba had already become one of the business world’s finest. Yes, life had been just kind enough, giving the poor Slav teen a window, and an in, into the wealth he so desired. Of course his hands weren’t the cleanest, as he had made a solid amount of deals with, shall we say, “questionable integrity.” But he would never apologize for those deals. Wrba wouldn’t even apologize for the ones he still made now. And presently, the stuff he owned, just like him, was sleek and modern, lacking any reminder of his heritage. Wrba lit himself a Marlboro, expensive and classy like his tastes demanded of everything, and pushed open the back exit. Bernat Toset reflected on his past, something that had grown to be quite a habit at most of these jobs. “Life never gave me a chance, so I make my own,” he spat out. No, for him, life had never been…

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