A Not So Dynamic Duo Essay

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A Not So Dynamic Duo
Many characters in the novel, “A Farewell to Arms” by Ernest Hemingway, significantly impact the main character, Frederic Henry. Unfortunately, most of these supporting characters never get the chance to develop fully into their own dynamic role in the novel. These characters, known as static characters, are usually only in the novel to progress the story and support the main character, who in this case, is a very dynamic American soldier fighting in Italy during World War I. This main character, Frederic Henry, is the most dynamic figure in the story, and significantly changes, evolves, and grows through the experiences he faces during the war.
Frederic Henry, the main protagonist in the novel, is definitely a very dynamic character in the book, “A Farewell to Arms”. He is a round character who has very vivid character traits that can been seen from his thoughts and opinions about the experiences he is facing in Italy, such as the war and a possible love interest. Henry begins the novel as a very self-centered and shallow man who doesn’t really care about anything in his life. He views the war as a sort of game and doesn 't really that actual life is lost, life that cannot be returned. “But it [the count of the number of dead soldiers] was checked and in the end only seven thousand died of it

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[cholera] in the army.” (Hemingway 4) This quote, said by Henry, seems to be just a nonchalant thought saying that the seven thousand who died of…

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