A Normal Human Emotion That Every Single Person Experiences? Essay

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What is Anxeity
Is anxeity a normal human emotion that every single person experiences? Before I was asked to write this paper, I didnt think ever had experienced anxeity. Since I have done a little research, I have noticed that I have personally experiences several symptoms of a couple different types of anxeity. Anxeity almost feels like a natural instinct from some of the unknown, or uncomfortable stuff we experience in life. Diet and exercise can make a huge difference with all types of anxeity. The more we learn to live fully and love ourselves, the less we will be anxious. Anxeity comes in many forms and has various outcomes; I have come to realize anxiety can vary for all types of people and they can have more than one type at a time.
There are six main types of anxeity.
Generalized Anxiety "Generalized anxeity disorder is characterized by persistant, excessive, and unrealistic worry about everyday things." (GAD) When my mind races with all the stressful worries of the day and keeps replaying in my head, I get anxiety. I don’t know what to do with myself in that moment. I get irritable with my loved ones and sleep a lot more than normal. As soon as I can reach out to someone or sleep on it; my mind starts to settle. Other treatments I have discovered are meditation or a swift walk. By spending time with myself in this way, it grounds me and clears a lot of the negative energy around me and I am able to come back to the situation with more peace surrounding me.…

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