A Nocturnal Journey By Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay example

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Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a short story that describes a nocturnal journey undertakes by a young religious and maried Goodman Brown in the village of Salem in New England. Goodman Brown starts this trip against the advice of his wife Faith with a pink ribbon in her hair who wants him to stay home for that night. Soon after, Goodman finds himself in a deep forest where he meets an older fellow traveller who wears a distinctive staff looking like a great black snake and well knowledged. At the request of the older traveller to speed up their pace, young wants to return home but the well experienced traveller convinces the young man to go deeper into the forest by recounting how his ancestors before him have undertaken this journey. Shocked, Goodman rejects the notion that his puritain family would partake such endeavour and starts thinking about Faith. The older traveller reassures him that Faith is fine. Very soon after, Brown is puzzled by meeting his youth church catechism teacher, Goody Cloyse. Goody Cloyse tells him that a young man will be taken into communion and ask him for his hand in order to speed up their trip. Cloyse identifies the traveller as evil and herself as witch. Goodman refuses to move any farther. While sitting under a tree and regaining his composure Goodman sees passing by the Deacon Gookin, his minister and worldly people from Salem who all claim to head for a young lady communion. Brown exclaims he will fight evil with the help of…

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