A New York Billboard Brought Viral Controversy Essay

1270 Words Nov 12th, 2014 null Page
A New York billboard brought viral controversy in Lower East Side in late February of 2011, after residents of Soho felt highly offended by an ad Life Always placed at the intersection of Sixth Ave. and Watts St. The billboard featured a young, innocent looking, African American girl with a quote stated above her picture: “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.” Life Always, an anti abortion organization from Texas, defended their billboard by stating, “The intent of the board is to call attention to the tragedy and the truth that abortion is outpacing life in the black community… . The goal behind this campaign is to heighten awareness and save lives,”(Reynolds). However, many residents didn’t feel the same way. Isaac Peterson, a Soho resident, commented on the billboard by stating, “‘To me, there’s a bunch of racist assumptions behind it’ The sign is yet another example of what he called ad companies’ profiting off African-Americans through racial profiling.” Planned Parenthood, a family-planning clinic, located only half a mile from the billboard also added to the conversation. Roger Rathman said, “They in no way attempt to understand the myriad societal factors that go into the unintended pregnancy rate,”(Reynolds). Rathman was referring to lack of counseling and health care programs that exist for people in poverty and the unemployed. After six days, Lamar Advertising took down the billboard in fear of protests turning into violent riots. This…

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