Essay on A New Year 's Day

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New Year’s Day. 2014. Colorado. American. The first day that the purchasing and private consumption of cannabis was legal. It was the first state to step out from the darkness since cannabis was made illegal in 1937. After a highly regarded doctor presented evidence stating that “cannabis made black men more desirable if a white woman smoked it” politicians hasted to outlaw it. Our government encouraged the witch hunt of users during the sixties because the menacing hippies were smoking it. Even after flower power wilted away cannabis still “remains illegal for UK residents to possess cannabis in any form” states the Home Office. But why is this? We allow a far greater threat to exist in our society- alcohol. In our society cannabis is presented as a seedy, dark substance. Something that we shouldn’t trust. Something that turns the righteous into the wicked. Something that breeds anti-social behaviour. This voyeur will make you a bad, immoral being that wastes their life. It’s this stigma that according to the Denver Post claims “The continuing stigma surrounding marijuana use - not to mention the very real risk to their jobs – keeps many cannabis newcomers from stepping fully into the light”. In reality though many users are morally upholding people that want an easy escape from the stresses of modern day life. However these people are thrown out from society like lepers because they smoke an illegal substance. On the other hand with cannabis’ legal cousin, alcohol, it’s…

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