A New World Of Infant Toys Is The ' Light ' N Go Activity Garden Treehouse '

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A new addition to the world of infant toys is the ‘Light ‘n Go Activity Garden Treehouse’ by Little Tikes. It contains a series of different toys that all have serve a different purpose to help the baby develop. In fact, there are over 80 different activities which include a slide, peek-a-boo windows, zig-zag ball drop, a shape sorting tree, and different lights and sounds (The Little Tikes Company, 2016). Offering three different ways for infants to play through Discovering, Pretending, and Moving. This toy is designed for infants ages 6months to 36months. In the discover mode babies can begin exploring everything surrounding them, and start to see the different colours, shapes, lights, sounds, and textures that are featured on this toy. In the pretend mode children have the ability to be creative, and use their imagination. The moving mode allows infants to search around all the different activities the toy has to offer. The Light ‘n Go Activity Garden Treehouse is said to grow, and expand like a garden with the baby, as well as help guide babies to their first step, crawl, and reaches (The Little Tikes Company, 2016). It is said to help gross motor skills, fine motor skills, as well as cause and effect (The Little Tikes Company, 2016). This toy offers many different ways for the child to interact with it, all while teaching them new skills that will help them develop.

Age Ranges I think the age range provided for this toy is appropriate, this toy incorporates many…

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