A New Understanding About Ageing Essay

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In current society, people are living longer and number of older people is

increasing with age related diseases and condition such as dementia,

depression, loneliness and social isolation. (Gustafson & Olofession 2012).

Societal debate and how this can be managed should be focused on

opportunities and resources that can be utilized to improve the journey of

ageism in aged care facilities. The usefulness of understanding any

Psychosocial Theory depends upon its ability to describe and predict the

range and its limits of aging. In this essay model of Gerotranscendence

(GT) will clearly described and critically evaluated. The theory of GT will be

compared and contrasted with another development model that includes

older adult. GT theory will be also explored and translated into practical

guidelines and how this is supported in age care facilities by staff.

THEORY OF Gerotranscendence

The Theory of GT introduced by Tornstam(1989) signifies

A new understanding about ageing. The theory of GT clearly identifies that

human development is a gradual process, extending into old age.it also is

regarded as natural process which when closely looked in brings into

perspective of understanding about ageism. The process involves

development and understanding in which it assist people in changing their

basic conceptions about ageing, resulting in a shift in their definition of

reality. Gabriel(2001) stated that the theory of GT offers a…

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