A New Type Of Software Architecture Essay

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And then the trend came for web clients where web browsers acted as clients. They enabled a user to access resources over the internet, thus by providing more accessibility and authorization to it. This scenario has been described in figure 1.3, shown above. But all this was very difficult to integrate as far as business data availability and workflows are concerned. So, there emerged a need for some technology wherein one can easily change the software which can easily handle all the resources and workflows according to the requirement. And the answer to above problem came in terms of Web Services.
And finally, SOA came into existence and was considered as future of all applications associated with recent technologies. SOA is a strategy for relating corporate and computational possessions (primarily organizations, applications and data) on plea to attain the anticipated outcomes for service customers (which can be end users or other facilities) [Valipour et al., 2009].
As a new type of software architecture, SOA provides a blueprint to software reuse, of enterprise system along with its integration issues. With the emergence and the rapid development of web-based technologies, SOA has been paid an increasing attention and gained a wide application throughout. For the purpose of supporting service-oriented system development, SOA has been described at a high level of abstraction regardless of techniques involved in the application development [Zhang et al., 2007].

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