A New Trend Of Young People Essay examples

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Now, a new trend of young people is not going to college, because they heard some special examples that people would be successful without college. The most famous example are Bill Gates gave up Harvard University, and choose to do his own business. Students start thinking that does college really have variable for them? Other reason is students and their parents need to pay more tuition than before, but students do not know how much could they earn. Should every student go to college? This is a question is asked by many students because of the college cost increases and jobs are harder to get. Yes, they should. In Rodney K. Smith’s article “Yes, A College Education is Worth The Cost”, Smith described the correlation between education and employed “14.9% of those without a high school diploma, 10.3% of those with a high school education, 7% of those with an associate degree, 5.4% of those with a bachelor 's degree, 2.4% of those with a professional degree, 1.9% of those with a doctoral degree” (29). The data showed the higher degree, the lower unemployment, so a college education is worth the cost. Although college is not the only choice for students to choose, the college education is beneficial to students in many ways, such as students will have more opportunities to find a adaptive and interested job, learn more knowledge, and earn more money to make better lives. Higher education helps students win more opportunities of job. College is not a place for…

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