A New Priest Essay

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With the addition of a new priest to our parish, came the idea of beginning a Children’s Liturgy program. To a friend and myself, the thought of leading a group of children downstairs during the readings and homily for twenty minutes excited us. The opportunity enabled us to teach the regular scriptures in a kid-friendly manner and spend time with young children. We could not have been more enthused until we realized the amount of commitment the position entailed, so an announcement was placed in the bulletin searching for someone else to take over. That was six months ago, and the notice has yet to be answered. Some may call it fate, or divine intervention, but the privilege I have been given to teach these children is far beyond what I initially expected.
While I led a group of children downstairs during mass one day, a young girl with a ponytail atop her head escaped her pew and toddled to my side. Her frazzled father followed behind.
"I’m sorry, she is probably too young. She just saw her siblings and wanted to do the same,” he apologized.
"Actually, I think she can come with us. I’ll keep her by me, if that’s alright."
Relief flooded his face. "Oh, that would be wonderful. Thank you."
At three years old, that girl knew what she was searching for. Each week her smile met us as she followed down the aisle; the desire to learn about Jesus was evident.
That similar desire also presented itself when a young boy told me had been waiting for many weeks to turn five, so he…

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