A New Narrative For The Traumatic Event Essay

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They also seek to deliver a new narrative for the traumatic event’s meaning, which resonated at debilitating odds with the client’s personal schema on life and fractured their coping mechanisms. This has been successfully achieved and documented with PTSD clients through positive psychology and neurobiological theories of conditioning, cognitive theories, and emotional processes. Cognitive theories examine the reciprocal transaction between the memory imprint of the traumatic event on the client and the individual’s appraisal of the event. They measure the individual’s ability to successfully modify negative appraisals. Classic and operant conditioning theory works with automatism as a progressive way for the PTSD client to register and respond intuitively to events in a way that alleviates personal harm. Emotional processes are a system of repeated measures, subjecting the individual to reruns of the traumatic episode, each time developing coping and reappraisal processes to transform its negative pathogenic affects into a new homeostasis. Positive psychology methodology has been found to produce post-traumatic growth using therapeutic experiences, as found in case studies involving cancer patients (TRG pg 195-198) and promoting psychological and physical well-being. Traumatic stress is closely related to health epidemics and leading causes of illness and death. In a previous study of children who suffer from mental health disorders, they were found to be four to twelve…

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