A New Mimesis : Shakespeare And The Representation Of Reality

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Nuttall, A. D. "Othello." A New Mimesis: Shakespeare and the Representation of Reality (London: Methuen, 1983): pp. 120–143. Quoted as "On Othello" in Bloom, Harold, ed. Othello, Bloom 's Shakespeare Through the Ages. New York: Chelsea House Publishing, 2007. Bloom 's Literature. Facts On File, Inc. Web. 22 Apr. 2016 .

Throughout the article “On Othello” the author A. D. Nuttall states that Othello is not a hero, but more of a gullible “hero”. During these times, Othello was considered the outsider for being a black moor from a foreign country, but Nuttall suggests that Iago is the true outsider of the play. The difference between Othello and Iago is that Othello is underevolved while Iago is overevolved. Nuttall paints a picture with their personalities, while both of them have virtually accepted personalities, just because Othello may look different, he is not when psychologically compared to Iago. While Othello’s mind represents the oldest literature known to man, Iago’s mind taunts a literature that is not yet written, according to Nuttall. Othello never made any actions to be called a hero, seemed to be the most confused leader in the play, and had no overall effect on anyone and only focused on what was affecting him.

Nuttall shares relevant information addressing the differences between Othello and Iago, all while proving how gullible Othello was. The author used psychological logic and the diction of the play to prove any claims he makes. He makes valid arguments…

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