Essay on A New Kind Of Healing

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A New Kind Of Healing Rebecca DeJean
Palm Beach State College

I have no special talent I am only passionately curious. Albert Einstein
Mr. Einstein said this when he was asked why he wanted to keep learning even though he was so smart already. I think that is was because that even if you learn all that there is there is still more to learn so I decided to other than leaning a bunch of things that I would try to be really good at one thing the mind and how to make people’s lives on this earth a better stay.
The mission and objectives of the sanctuary is to help people better understand themselves and the world around them by using activities such as nature and growing and planting organic vegetables. Animals have a very therapeutic quality to them and by taking care of something gives one another sense of purpose and sometimes it 's easier to relate to animals than other people. The arts learning how to express one’s self in a creative manner. By taking care of others will give them away to express themselves and such will give them a sense of purpose. This essay will be about my plan to start a business in health care. It will in detail read my plan, services and industry that I would like to make happen.

A New Kind of Healing
Products and Services
Statement of purpose. My name is Rebecca DeJean. Growing up mental health was not very conversed in my community circle. It wasn 't until my sister was diagnosed with ADHD and my brother…

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