A New Kind Of Dreaming Essay

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A New Kind of Dreaming

Abuses of power and authority

Sgt Butcher

Grabs Jamie around the throat and threatens him.
Breaks windows and later sets the school on fire

Blames Jamie and tries to turn the town against him

Locks Jamie in the police Wagon – Jamie nearly dies

Behaves as if he is above the law – he is judge and jury

Kidnaps Jamie and leaves him bound to a pole in a remote shack to die

Covers up the the death of the refugee man on the boat

Kidnaps the refugee girl and kills her to cover his earlier crime

Kills Mc Pherson

Kills the troubled boy and blackmails Lorraine about her relationship

At the end of the story Butcher sets fire to the boat where Jamie is hiding.

Why do you think Butcher got away with so much for so
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Explore how the author deals with this issue in the novel.”

Restate the topic with some explanation about your point of view about the topic.

The Plan

A NOKD explores the theme of the consequences of the abuse of power by a powerful police sergeant in the small isolated coastal community of Port Barren.
The author, Anthony Eaton challenges us to consider how people should behave when they know crimes have been committed.

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