Essay about A New Journey Is Driven By Hope

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Embarking on a new journey is driven by hope, hope that you will find love, refuge, a chance to start over, to live out your dreams, to get a better job and education. Hope motivates us to get out of bed each morning and be the best we can be. Hope is what brought our ancestors here all those years ago and what still inspires people to immigrate from all over the world to live out the American dream. In Not Everyone is Chosen, Waters shows that each wave of immigrants experience different challenges depending on the race and ethnicity. Modern immigrants differ from their family dynamic, society comfortability and their wealth and knowledge. Their human capital plays a fundamental role in their transition since that is what showcases their skills and knowledge and how that would be valuable in todays society. Compared to white immigrants, non white immigrants face significantly greater challenges and are not always rightfully compensated for their academic and labor experience. In some situations immigrants have the option in relocating into communities that resemble their native land. It’s popular for modern immigrants to undergo the process of segmented assimilation during their new transition In Optional Ethnicities, ethnicity is shown to be seen as a social aspect rather then a biological one. It’s begun to be common for non-whites to pass as whites in order to gain a better job and living situation. Unlike nonwhites, White people have the option to not claim any…

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