Essay on A New Human Is Born

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Every day a new human is born. For the lucky few that made it through the primordial birth of life, they will be the ones that make a great journey. Over the course of a person 's life, they grow and develop over many years; from childhood and infancy, too the angsty teenage years and young adult hood, one 's middle life, and ultimately to one 's old age and the eventuality of death-this is what sociologists call a person 's Life Course. Immediately after a person 's birth, a baby is bombarded by fresh new senses, from the light of a light-bulb, to the cold crisp embrace of Earth 's unfiltered air. During this Sensorimotor Stage, “infants learn mainly by touching objects, manipulating them, and psychically exploring their environment” (Essentials of Sociology, P76). Soon after that, children began to develop their language skills, and their ability to associate objects to words. Throughout this Preoperational Stage, children are unable to see anything else from another 's point of view, for example in a story where Sally ate a cookie, but Markus was in another room, if you ask a child if Markus knew Sally ate the cookie, they would say yes, dealing in a more fact, matter of fact logic. Once a child has developed fully their foundational functions, like language and motor skills, children are often, (at least in first world countries) sent off to school. Here, they are introduced peer groups. Their friends, become like a second family to the child, they learn social norms,…

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