A New Health System For The 21st Century Essay

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In the book published by the Institute of Medicine, Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century we learn of the six very specific aims for improvement of the health care system. In the quality chasm all six levels are meant to bring about change that would dramatically improve the patient’s experience from their perspective. Within this document those six specific aims will be addressed with examples of each given. In health care the term “First, do no harm,” carries a long history of placing responsibility on the individual caregiver. The bedrock of medical ethics is a guiding principle for health care providers reminding them to always use the patient’s well-being be a primary consideration regardless of the intervention or procedure. Thus, the first of the six aim is that the fundamental system is safety and there should be no harm done by health care providers. Standards in safety implies that systems maintain an environment that is safe for all patients at all times. “To be safe, care must be seamless, supporting the ability of interdependent people and technologies to perform as a unified whole, especially at points of transition between and among caregivers, across sites of care,” (Crossing the Quality Chasm, 2001, p. 45).
Second in the aim for improvement is that health care needs to be effective. The best techniques should be balanced between being under usage and over usage. Care must match current science studies. In this category there…

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