A New Era Of Safety And Prosperity Essay

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In 1933, a new era of safety and prosperity began for the people of Germany. For the coming years, crime was nearly nonexistent; it was a far cry from the atmosphere they had known in the years following the First World War. Furthermore, they once again had a powerful currency with legitimate value unlike before when the only good use for a Deutsche Mark was as kindling for fires. Likewise. there was a general mood of happiness that overcame the population of the country, and even furthering their new found spirit was the 1936 Olympics games, which was utilized to showcase the Third Reich. Yet, their greatest new asset was a powerful leader that they could look up to and in which they could believe. That leader’s name was Adolf Hitler.
“Hitler was the archetypal "charismatic leader". He was not a "normal" politician - someone who promises policies like lower taxes and better health care - but a quasi-religious leader who offered almost spiritual goals of redemption and salvation. He was driven forward by a sense of personal destiny he called ‘providence.’’’ (BBC)
He made the people as if they were working for something greater than themselves by claiming that they, people of German heritage, were superior to all other human races. Yet, this experience was not shared by all people living in the nation. Even in the earliest stages of Hitler’s leadership, all people were beginning to lose their freedom, whether they realized it or not. The youth were indoctrinated into…

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