Essay about A New Customer Support Initiative

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This year, GSP2P will launch a new customer support initiative, CEI, to better support our girl and adult members. CEI will streamline the process to register for Girl Scouting and, ultimately, for programs, trainings and events, and will provide resources for troop management. The three phases of our CEI implementation taking place over the next year are: 1) membership registration, 2) Volunteer Toolkit, and 3) program registration.

1. What is CEI?
CEI, which stands for Customer Engagement Initiative, is the umbrella term for a set of online tools developed by GSUSA in collaboration with technology leaders such as Adobe and Salesforce. The impetus for this major strategic investment was to improve the adult (parent, volunteer, member) administrative experience associated with Girl Scouts. Through this new technology we will provide improved customer service and volunteer onboarding, as well as excellent online troop management tools.

2. Why is CEI important?
Many of our council’s current digital tools were developed to meet a specific need, and not necessarily designed to interface with other databases we have added. In some cases, paper forms are still in use and data is manually entered into our system by staff. In addition, much of our technology was developed or purchased before the proliferation of mobile technology, which is how our adult members want to engage with us with increasing frequency. In today’s busy world, we need to adapt so that doing business with…

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