A New California State Law Essay

1962 Words May 4th, 2015 8 Pages
When it comes to consent the term, “No.” should always mean exactly that; regardless of sexuality, race, level of intoxication, or gender. In a new California State law created it is stated that only, “Yes means yes,” (Chappell) when defining sexual consent. So if it is predominantly known that only by verbally stating the word ‘yes’ is it considered consent; why does victim blaming occur so often? In cases of rape crimes, there is often a large movement of people toward the support of placing the blame on the shoulders of the victim instead of the abuser. Shifting the blame onto the victim can have a number of adverse effects, not just onto the victim but of other victims as well. That blame needs to be shifted off of the victim and onto the abuser. Talking about it though and actually making change are two very different things. To make change people actually have to want to change, and for a lot of them, blaming the victim helps them cope with their own fears. Why do people victim blame though? What can be done to move toward helping stop it from happening? And has it created a stigma in our society so strong that even the victims are blaming themselves?
Victim blaming has been prevalent in many societies since the near beginning, not just a ‘fad’ of the recent. Though this does not make it any less wrong to blame the victim, it offers up a reason as to why victim blaming could seem almost ingrained in our country 's culture and media. Victim blaming in modern times is…

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