A New Baby Into The Word Essay

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Welcoming a new baby into the word is an exciting event for any member of any society. A baby brings hope and promise to societies as well as a sense of purity. For this reason it is apparent that the Huron’s appreciated and honoured babies in the same light as modern day Ontarians do. Babies were an important aspect of Huron societies; they were well liked and often times they were taken care of by everyone within the Huron village. Women would play the largest role in the upbringing of children, and it was suggested that they would rejoice more at the birth of a girl than that of a boy.

When addressing conception, the Huron peoples did not consider sex to be something that should be hidden, however privacy was encouraged and achieved by going out into the woods. This explains why the birthrate of children in the fall was so low, because the conception would have had to occur outdoors in the snowy Ontarian forests. This is similar to modern day Ontario, as we too require privacy for this intimate relation. However, it is different in the fact that modern day Ontarians are more modest about conception, and to do this act outside isn’t encouraged.

Huron women were unique from many modern day women, as if a lady was to become pregnant by the means of a man whom she was not married too, and if she had multiple partners, she was then able to choose who she thought was the best fit. In modern day society all women don’t have this luxury, and men often times do their best…

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