A New Age Of Anti Semitism Essay

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Anti-Semitism is known as the hostility and prejudice towards the Jewish religion and Jewish people. Known as anti-Judaism, Jews have been targeted and still are targeted for their beliefs and practices. Jews have been discriminated against for years on end and are often referred to as “the oldest hatred”. In certain times and places worldwide, Jews have been evolved into rules of political, economic and social isolation and have had times of exclusion, degradation and attempted extinction. The degradation of Jews did not begin in the Nazi era, but much earlier and certainly did not end at the end of The Holocaust.

The Common Era is a very significant period of time for the Jews where they were discriminated against. After Christianity begun, a new age of anti-Semitism evolved. Jews were initially seen as another Christian religion as Jesus and his Disciples were Jewish and preached in a form of Judaism. In 70 C.E., the Roman Emperors demolished the Jewish State and as a result, most Jews had to move and scattered themselves through the ancient world. Both Christians and Jews lived together throughout the Mediterranean a few hundred years after the crucifixion of Jesus and often lived with great hostility at they were trying to spread their religious beliefs throughout the lands. When the Roman Emperors converted their religious beliefs to Christianity, it became the main religion of the Roman Empire. As both the Jewish and Christian religions followed the Hebrew…

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