A Never Ending Cycle Of Racial Discrimination

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Countless dead and thousands emotionally distraught for what only seems to be a never ending cycle of racial vengeance. Each person has a different outlook on the racial behavior recently taking place and to understand one must learn the reasoning behind such beliefs. The United States is a multicultural nation that has experienced racial controversy starting from the Civil Rights Movement till present day. There have been many outburst and violent encounters that have originated from racism. Racism and prejudice actions have been invariably the most debated topics when it comes to any problem within society. Shootings, riots, and protest spread across the world resulting from racism. To gain an understanding on this matter we should try to …show more content…
One saying how people completely act oblivious on the racial war occurring and the Other describes how People are acting as though they believe in equality but have racial tendencies. My personal outlook on the racial situation occurring in present day is that it is indomitable. No matter what actions are taken to subdue these violent acts some people will never be able to put a halt on their racial tendencies. Though some may be able to change there ways and become “tranquil” with all races …… My feelings on the violence and heart ache of these shootings occurring as retribution are only making the circumstances worse. The famous saying, “words hurt more than actions” explains perfectly on what should be done. This statement from Long earlier talked about, “One-hundred percent have been successful by fighting back, by bloodshed.” is false in so many ways. Violence will only bring more violence in a never ending series of monstrosity. People change their opinions non-stop which is the exact reasoning of why racism will never be

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