Essay on A Neutral Party

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A neutral party can be used in the settling of disputes between two or more individuals in a business setting, and the process is usually referred to as mediation (Dewar, 2013). It is voluntary for the concerned parties to participate in the mediation procedure where they also have the chance and liberty to seek a different process for litigation. Some of the props of mediation include; the employer will benefit from the high degree of privacy, it is also a quicker method as compared to where parties might opt for litigation, the employer will also be in a position to describe the case from his her point of view. It also has disadvantages that include; there will be a need for both the employer and employee to agree to mediate, it might be affected by incorporation by the employee.
The employer will agree to mediation in the case where for example he/she perceives that there is no discrimination in the nature in which actions have been implemented. There is need to ensure that fighting the claim between the employer and the employee in the mediation process does not affect other employees in the organization. It is also important to put in place measures that will make it possible and justifiable that solving the case through mediation makes economic sense on the part of the employer instead of opting for other methods of dispute resolution (van der Wiele, 2006). To make mediation more attractive to the employer, it will be important to choose on a mediator who is well…

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